3) Protect The Sustainable Deal With Corruption Prevention That Combines Proactive Good Government Methods With Campaign Finance Reform.

While accountability methods can be made more proactive, they will rarely become effective to the degree now required to assure skeptical taxpayers.

Thus, how we elect guardians of the public treasuries will need to be reformed. Legalized corruption will have to be replaced by Corruption Prevention. And probably the cleanest reform is to offer the option of public financing. This levels the playing field so non-incumbents can compete; giving elections – and government – the discipline of the marketplace at least at election time. It is a single reform with multiple benefits that the public is looking for.

Phase 3 of the Sustainable deal adapts various good government reforms so services serve the public much more and special interests less. Here are three tactics to protect the Sustainable Deal.

a) Take the position of “no new taxes renewed unless they are a good value.”  Taxpayers need the protection of Good Government reforms.

To review the proposed evolution in taxes… In Phase 1, Chicagoland should be proposing how to protect local and regional revenues from Illinois trying to levy taxes as its way out of insolvency.  In Phase 2, new tax policies of a regional government should be implemented. And in Phase 3, the deal should have its performance enforced by a regional government that withdraws new taxes if services don’t perform.  This process is explored in the series’ Part 5: “Deal or No Deal.”

b) Return-On-Investment (ROI) justifications to taxpayers need constant improvement and simplification to show how a tax helps households build assets. Forcing services to justify themselves down to the household level will reinforce the Deal and sustain it. The public’s lens atop the tripod must give a clear image.

TIF reform, explored in Part 3, also looks at ROI from a two decade perspective. This justification to taxpayers is only in its early stages.

c) An independent regional agency is responsible for implementing the various Good Government reforms proposed in Part 4. This agency tied together greater accountability and efficiency in government.

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