Dear Local Planning Commissioner:

You are a key to remaking Chicagoland so it prospers in the new Century.

In only a few months, the councils of local government that informally compose CMAP’s Board will approve a long-term, 30-year plan. How that plan gets interpreted through the monthly decisions of local commissioners will determine the quality of the region’s redevelopment and growth.

So as you sit through long and sometimes tedious planning meetings, please do not forget that your decisions count for so much more than is apparent. It is important that Commissioners know as much as possible about how your local decisions resolve -- or worsen -- regional problems.

Therefore, we made this special “Check-in” section to gauge how much local commissioners are learning about the regional plan and the problems it seeks to solve. We are asking organizations and media that run articles on regional issues to carry this logo at the end of articles and ask all commissioners and other local officials to be counted by clicking on this logo.

After reading one of those articles, click on our “Check-in” logo and you arrive at this page.

For a first visit, type your name and jurisdiction into the box on your left.

With future visits, type your last name in and add to your running total.

As of today, there are no prizes; as, regrettably, there frequently is not for good citizenship. However, we will recognize winners in the New Year with our other media partners.

Thanks for your participation in reshaping together our best possible future.


The CCC Editorial Committee

After you check-in below, please return to the Home Page and visit the other activities. Don’t forget to come back another day to check-in here and increase your count.


If you have not already, please register for the Planning Commissioners Check-In.

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Help your fellow Commissioners and Chicagoland.

Write a quick email to your planning agency Director and/or colleagues saying that you just checked-in and think other Commissioners should also. For our suggestions for this email, click here

Also, you can write an email to your news source for metropolitan information and urge them to show the Check-In logo at the end of every article. Please copy this email to us at:

Chicagoland thanks you for your support!